Lead Product Designer

_Streamline user interactions and flow to allow lenders to quickly and easily manage their borrowers

_Develop design patterns and UI kit including custom icons and colors

Lendsnap is a home mortgage app (iOS, Android, tablet) that simplifies mortgage applications and streamlines communication between lenders and borrowers. The UI features a simple dashboard layout that allows lenders to easily keep up with their borrowers, schedule appointments, and message other lenders and borrowers. Simplicity was key here, from the pastel blue/grey color scheme, to the vertical nav and grid-based, modular layout.

As the lead designer on a team of 4, we also recognized the need for quick and easy legibility since the app is primarily used for managing several borrowers at once. The design provides a system that allows lenders to quickly track and contact borrowers. By keeping the main color scheme subdued, we utilized bold, catchy colors and icons to swiftly communicate statuses and actions needed (ex. a red dot for borrowers that needed urgent help and green calendar events for upcoming borrower meetings).

When designing the iOS and Android apps, common visual elements from iOS and Material Design were utilized to maintain familiarity and consistency with the native device. The iOS app uses pop-ups, the San Francisco font, and simplified nav, while the Android app uses Material Design to guide many of its design decisions, utilizing micro-interactions, tap & hold gestures, hamburger menus, and drop shadows for visual depth.