Lead Mobile UI/UX Designer

_Strengthen the NOVA brand by developing design patterns and UI kit including custom icons, illustrations, and brand colors

_Increase user engagement

_Streamline experience by simplifying interactions and layout

_Quick turnaround for deliverables

NOVA is an event & nightlife iOS app that provides club hoppers and bar crawlers current information for their night out, including entrance line length, cover prices, and how "hot or not" the venue is on a degree scale. Users are incentivized to rate and contribute via gamified features such as earning badges and rewards for reaching specific levels of engagement.

I was brought on board as the lead mobile UI/UX designer to help develop this community driven iOS mobile app and ensure design integrity of each shipment by working directly with developers, user researchers, and executive stakeholders. Initially, the team had a couple of low-fidelity mockups that resembled Yelp and lacked an easy-to-use interface. By diving first into understanding the user demographic and use cases, I flushed out a sleek, edgy identity that resonates with urban millennials and their nightlife scene. 

Taking cues from a street grid and neon bar signs, the UI uses bold, block letters and a strict color scheme to create an engaging, active, and learnable experience. The interactions and experience is simplified, resulting in user engagement that is convenient and fun to use.