Product Designer

_Redesign the checkout flow for Sephora's native iOS app, mobile web app, and desktop website to increase the speed and ease of the checkout process and to integrate popular payment methods

_Implement style guide for visual consistency and adaptability for future payment technologies across other platforms

_Incorporate Paypal and Apple Pay and adhere to their individual brand constraints

_Increase customer acquisition, retention, and sales conversion

_2017 Webby Award for Best Shopping App

_Fast Company's Innovation By Design Award 2017

Following the redesign of Sephora's native iOS app, the company continued to see an increase in its online sales. In 2016, Sephora hit $1 billion in digital sales. It soon became apparent that technical updates to our checkout process were necessary as the use of alternative payment services, namely PayPal and Apple Pay, increased. User and market research proved Apple Pay and PayPal as the top payment methods used by our demographic. We recognized an opportunity to cater to and offer our clients their preferred payment types while checking out of Sephora.

Seamlessly incorporating two new payment methods into our existing checkout processes was our main challenge. We were also tasked with laying the foundation and designing a scalable model that can easily adapt to the addition of future payment technologies. Partnering with a user researcher, 3 product managers, a team of developers, and an information architect, we designed solutions across 3 platforms - iOS, mobile web, and desktop - which integrated Apple Pay and PayPal into the iOS app's checkout flow.

Using Sketch, Adobe After Effects, and InVision, I sketched, created flows, wireframes, and prototypes, and designed interactions, animations, and UI elements for all use cases to communicate design solutions to team members and executive stakeholders. Consequently, the integration of Apple Pay and PayPal improved check out efficiency and follow-through for our clients, continuing to increase our digital sales revenue.